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Maison Moussard

Maison Moussard, leather specialist in Paris area.


Maison Moussard is a story that unfolds throughout Paris, a story of shoes, of leather, a fable that runs through the city like an esthete in search of its vision.


Leathers exist to take care of, these living materials do not get carried away by the nose and have been held in high esteem since time immemorial. This famous shoe polish that is popular with our contemporaries is sometimes too rare for the opportunity to entrust your pairs of Oxfords to a shoe shiner to be dismissed disdainfully.


Luxury isn't the number of pairs of shoes, it's what you make of it.

They deserve as much as we look at them as the clothes we wear, we know the attention paid by connoisseurs to their pairs of sneakers, there is no serious reason that would not push the man of taste to pay attention to your leather shoes in the same way.


Xavier Moussard made these considerations his own, helped by a youthful passion for old pieces, a taste for quality objects that has been passed on to leathers.

Combining a passion for history and for shoes, this self-taught man with no training other than his high standards and a serious stint in the J.M. Weston house has nonetheless been a freelance shoe shiner since 2018.


Maison Moussard was born in 2020, offering services to individuals and a second hand store where a selection of pieces from best shoemakers in the world rub shoulders with leather goods sourced in France and around the world. While the tradition of the art of men's shoes has its place, Maison Moussard also offers rarer and astonishing pieces which make it a different address in Paris.


Shoe specialist


Maison Moussard launch.


Named best craftsman of the year

by luxury corporate concierge.


Collaboration with local

Maison specializing in the leather care services of shoes and leather goods.


Shoe salesman at J.M. Weston.


22 partner companies
638 shoes restored every year.

Xavier Moussard, shoe specialist in Paris. Buy second hand shoes and pre-owned footwear.
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