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  • What kind of shoes do you offer?
    Maison Moussard offers you a selection of second-hand shoes for men, classic, traditional and elegant. The universe of shoes is vast and we would like to offer you tassel loafers, exotic leather, monks, boots, grained leather as well as shoe trees made of noble essences. You will find handcrafted, blake-stitched, goodyear-stitched, Norwegian-stitched shoes in many sizes and widths.
  • What brands of second-hand shoes do you offer?
    Our house specializes in the sale of John Lobb, J.M. Weston, Church's, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Alden shoes.... We also offer bespoke (bootmaker) shoes that have been handcrafted by bootmakers of the past.
  • What is the condition of the shoes on sale?
    Each pair of second-hand shoes is unique, conditions may vary (vintage or contemporary shoes). All pairs of shoes go through the workshop, a restoration is carried out according to wear (upper, heel, sole, smooth...). A complete description is made for each product. We specify the presence of tears, scratches, cracks and stains on the leather.
  • Is it possible to try on the pairs of shoes?
    Yes, it is possible to try on and see the pairs of shoes by appointment exclusively in our workshop.
  • Do you offer a size guide?
    A sizing guide is available on the Shop page. The measurements of the soles are specified in each product sheet. If in doubt you can contact us at
  • Why do you install recessed irons?
    We always fit screwed inset irons (brass screws) to protect the leather sole from wear as well as the welt. The recessed irons are invisible and do not make noise.
  • How to store shoes ?
    Leather shoes should be stored away from light in individual pouches and if possible in boxes. Storage in a humidity-free room is essential. Using wooden shoe trees is essential to preserve the shape of the shoe, limit creases, absorb moisture and perspiration.
  • Do you buy second-hand shoes and shoes?
    Yes, you can submit your shoe buyback proposals to us via the contact form or directly by email at It is advisable to send photos of the upper, the sole, the smooth, the heel, the inside of the shoe. Specify the brand, the model name as well as the size and width.
  • Can you search for a specific pair of shoes?
    Yes, this is our selection but we are open to any personal request, do not hesitate to contact us via our form. We offer a wide range of pairs of traditional bootmakers, shoes, houses of yesterday and today, made in France, England, Italy, the United States, Japan. If a pair of shoes is sold out, we can find you a similar product.
  • Are the photos of the shoes retouched?
    All the photos of the shoes are retouched to put online a product as close as possible to reality. Some photos of the products may differ slightly from reality, the leather may show reflections depending on the brightness and the light. For a summary of the photographs available on the site, please refer to the general conditions of sale.
  • Do you sell cleaning products with the shoes?
    Wooden shoe trees and pouches can be included. It is specified in each product sheet whether accessories are supplied with the pairs of leather shoes.
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